New Blog and Online Art Show

New Blog Up and Running! 

+ Online Art Booth

I've moved a couple of my websites to new places and as a result have a new home for my blog which I'm excited about.  I am hoping it will be easier and quicker to get my art photo news out to followers and fans of my work.  Like many bloggers I struggle with consistency and good topics so hopefully this new blog will motivate me.  One of my issues is that the art world has slowed down thanks to the pandemic.  However there is one ray of sunshine I've encountered that I'd like to share...

I applied and was accepted to the Art in the Park virtual art show put on by the Trout Museum of Art in Appleton.  Many types of artists have virtual "booths" which are basically a photo and a website link.  This stays up for an entire year and the Trout promised to do a lot of marketing throughout the year so I am curious to see how this will play out as something like this has never been done before.
Check out the link HERE

I've been doing a lot of street photography and have some great images I will share soon...stay tuned and thanks!  If you have not already done so you can sign up for my email newsletter HERE.