Artwork at Local Coffee Shop

Artwork on Display/For Sale at Local Coffee Shop

I love coffee shops and my favorite is Copperrock Coffee on College Av in Appleton.  It has such a cool urban and vintage vibe.  With lots of room it's also a great place to meet with people and enjoy the best vanilla chai in the Valley!  A few weeks ago I showed the manager a small portfolio booklet of my street photography and asked if it would be OK to display some framed enlargements.  He thought it was a great idea and so I got to work printing, matting, and framing! 

I picked three of my more unique and best street images for the cool brick wall they would be displayed on.  I noticed another photographer who displays work had a print rack with non-framed work and I asked the manager if I could sell some smaller 8x10s in a print rack and he said they'd make room and so I picked out about 40 matted 8x10 prints for sale. 

So far it's been a big hit--the manager said he's been getting lots of compliments on my work.  Better yet I have sold 5 prints in about 6 weeks.  With COVID taking away all my art shows for at least a year it has been very frustrating to have all my artwork in my basement with no way to display or sell it.  Having even some of my work there and knowing people are enjoying it and buying it has been a big blessing this year.  If you're in the Appleton area near College Av stop by and peruse my artwork...while you're there enjoy a great chai or cup of tea!